ACE-L Ensures the sale and installation of  infrared heaters and heated mirrors in the  Midi Pyrénées, Languedoc Roussillon, Aquitaine, Limousin.


VAT at 10% instead of 20%.

on the heaters with installation included.

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Electrician, I am specialised in the sale and installation of  infrared heating by:


Heated infrared mirrors.

Infrared heaters.

Plasma heaters and mirrors.


Economical with a beautiful design, recreate your interior with a heated mirror, alternative heating or inovative heaters.


I work in several departements for complete installations:



09 Ariège,

11 Aude

31 Haute-Garonne

34 Hérault

46 Lot

66 Pyrénées-Orientales

81 Tarn

82 Tarn et Garonne



miroir chauffant, installateur miroir chauffant


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Art is me

Installation of infrared heaters by a professional.

  • This gives you a guarantee.

  • VAT at 10% instead of 20% on the installation of the infrared heaters, for houses more than two years old.


Miroir chauffant, installateur miroir chauffant

Infrared heated mirrors

Plasma technology
 Artisanale Manufacturing Frenchmade


Glass mirrors, white emailed granite glass, grey emailed granite glass.

Choice of frames:

White, lime white, black, grey anthracite, oak, stainless steel, pyrithe amber

Miroir infrarouge, installateur miroir chauffant

Radiateur miroir infrarouges

Avec ou sans cadre.

How does infrared heat work?

Certain waves traverse walls, others don't.


Radio waves, televisions, telephones, traverse walls but not light waves, (ultraviolet, infrared)... they are all nonetheless, electromagnetic waves.

An electromagnetic wave is composed of an electric field and a magnetic field varying with different frequencies called Hertz. 

The 220 volts that equipes your house is 50 Hertz, which means 50 oscillations per second.

  • The radio functions with  kilohertz

  • The television with Mégahertz

  • The telephone and microwave with Gigahertz

  • Infra-red light with Térahertz

The atoms of a wall are formed with  a nucleus around which gravitate electrons which start moving with a passage of electromagnetic waves. 

The more that a wave has a frequency close to the electrons in the wall, the more it integrates with them.

Light has the same frequency to make a walls electrons move: when it comes in contact with the surface, it loses its energy and the electrons that have the same energy as the wave also emit an electromagnetic wave in all directions.

The initial wave is reflected and refracted.

By exciting these electrons, we create heat in the walls.

The general principle is the same with mirrors and infrared heaters.

The sun, which gives us the same infrareds, offers us comfort, heat, happiness and good health. These same infrareds are used in the treatment of serious burn victims.



The general principle of infrared radiation


Infrared is part of the elctromagnetic spectrum. Indispensable for all life on earth, it's the biggest source of energy which comes to us from the sun.


Its particularity is the ability to heat our body with modifying the air temperature.It's not until the infrared radiation touch our skin that it starts moving the atoms and molecules, releasing energy which we feel as heat.


Infrared radiation wave lengths

Infrared radiation is characterised by bigger wave lengths than those of visible light and UV light. There are three sorts: 

  • IRA, or short waves, with a length of 780 to 1,400 nanometres (nm) ;

  • IRB, or middle waves, from 1,400 to 3,000 nm ;

  • IRC, or long waves, from 3,000 to 1,000,000 nm.

Its in the range of short to medium waves that infrared penetrates the epidermis the most deeply.

Radiateur infrarouge
Radiateur infrarouges
blanc ou couleur

Avec ou sans cadre

Metalisation of Plasma Mirrors:


Le substrate is stripped bare in a sterile room with the help of an atom gas projection. In a second sterile room, atoms are pulverised with an alloy speifically chosen for the subsrate. It is therefore covered by a homogenis layer of only a few microns with a very strong adherance. Application with pelliculaire resistance : A layer of Ni-Cr (Nickel-Chrome) connected to an electric circuit consisting of an ultra thin aspect of reflecting metal. From this layer, different heating systems with advanced technology are made,  adjusting the thickness and the power. 

TECHMETA is a company which does the metalisation Ni-Cr (Nickel-Chrome), CNRS patent, is the only company in France of this.


Infrared heaters are made of a heating electric element inserted totally in a non-conductable electric material. Thanks to this total insertion, the energy produced by the element is tranferred to the material it surrounds (aluminium, glass ...)

Chauffage infrarouges BMW

Chauffage infrarouge intégré



BMW is developing a system of infrared heating for its electric cars


To economise batteries of hybrid and electric cars, BMW plans to replace tradtional heating systems and replace them by infrared heaters. 

Autonomy is a challenge which all car manufactures must search for.

Its not only the kilometres done which influence this autonomy.

BMW has presented its research, which uses a system of infrared heating integrated into the door.

This technology is not new but had never been adapted to cars. The heat created , which is a direct heat and not only a heat used to heat the air, will allow the car to economise energy and therefore the battery. 

As well, it will be possible to heat just one side, for the example the driver when he is alone.

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